Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Teaching As Inquiry 2017: Term 3 Reflection

Reflecting on inquiry and practice often creates internal tension: What am I doing that is making a difference? What is important? Am I doing enough for my learners? What went well today?  How can I improve that tomorrow? What can I do to promote learner agency? How can I tighten routines in the learning space?

After the self-talk and deliberations, it was refreshing to listen to colleagues as they presented their latest Teaching As Inquiry reflections. How similar many of the challenges we face: development of oral language to express mathematical concepts, supporting reading to enable comprehension of written maths problems, enabling learners to make that shift from additive thinking and skip-counting to multiplicative thinking.

Overall, what a powerful and positive way to take time to stop, smell the roses and count our blessings - the baby steps we are taking.

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