Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Teaching As Inquiry 2018: Where do I start?

I am inquiring into accelerating Maths achievement as part of MIT-2018 and through Teaching As Inquiry 2018.  My inquiry focus is using video DLOs to create rewindable, visible teaching and learning opportunities.

My initial hunches are that Bobbie Hunter’s DMIC approach will support this goal through:

  • Social groupings to build self-esteem about Maths and Key Competencies
  • Culturally-responsive contexts
  • Selection of rich problem-based tasks that are worth spending time on
  • Vocabulary acquisition:
    • Technical Maths terms
    • Positive face-to-face language of friendly argumentation

What can I try? One idea that I have just introduced in the classroom is a word journal to record Maths terms to support/expand/explore language of Maths.

Some ideas to investigate at the beginning of the inquiry cycle:
  • Integration of strand and number within the DMIC problem-solving approach for greater curriculum coverage.
  • Acceleration workshops for target students, ie needs-based prior to socially-grouped problem-solving 2-3 times per week @ 8.30am or at lunchtime.
  • Students sharing their thinking about Maths and their attitude to Maths with surveys to determine how this changes over time.
  • Record student explanations of Maths terms to (hopefully) show increased oral ability and confidence to share their understandings.
  • Record students sharing their thinking about big Maths ideas (strategy/solving problems) which can be used as rewindable, visible DLOs for others.

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